Hawk Nest Coworking
Meeting Rooms

Senior Room

Jokingly called the Fishbowl, well lit, soundproof and perfect for big presentations and meetings. Seats 10, TV with Chromecast facilities, powerpoints with optional powerboards, a whiteboard for note taking, and an air purifier for those long meetings.

senior meeting room
junior meeting room2

Junior Room

The little brother to the Fishbowl, it is also soundproofed and has curtains for privacy. A TV with Chromecast is available, so too a white board. The Junior room also has air conditioning.

London Room

Seats 6. Bench style seating, power point included, fantastic wall art.
london meeting room 2
liberty meeting room2

Liberty Room

Twin brother to the London room, seats 6. Bench style seating, power point included.

Hot desks x3

Our ‘phone booths’, 2 with soundproofing. Can seat 2 people in a pinch, includes a usb powered air purifier. Perfect for those online meetings and Zoom calls.

hot desk2
common area4

Common Area

Seats 20+, it has a couch, armchairs, beanbags, coffee table, and projector.

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